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Matt and Jessica: Engagement Portraits in Annapolis

Matt and Jessica are an awesome couple that met at American University three years ago in the ROTC program. They have been in love since they met and are having their wedding here in Annapolis in January. The event is going on earlier then they had planned because Matt is being sent to do a tour of duty in Afghanistan in the spring. My hat goes off to anyone serving in any of the services because you never know what changes might be sent your way!! It is not an easy job and I admire anyone who does it. With the wedding at St. Annes and the Reception at the Governor Calvert House it is going to be a gorgeous Annapolitan wedding even if it isn't when Jessica had anticipated in the spring! The light was gorgeous as usual and we played all over town from the Capitol to the water! Thanks to you both coming out to meet me and do a fun shoot in Annapolis together! Can't wait for the wedding!

Chris and Kim: Virginia Wedding Photography

I loved photographing Chris and Kim's wedding because it had so many gorgeous and fun moments to photograph! The service at St. James Catholic Church in Falls Church VA was a stunning for a wedding. The service was in English and Spanish so it made the whole thing much more romantic for me! Languages are my hobby! It was great to meet all the family and guests that had traveled from all over the world to come for the wedding.

The reception was at Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club provided a great background for the photos and the reception! After a fabulous meal and the first Waltz between Chris and Kim the party really got going. It started off with salsa dance lessons from Forever dancing! They had everyone up on that dance floor learning Salsa and it kept going even after I left two hours later! The music from Soliman International Music kept everyone moving through a Hora Loco which I had never seen! It involved masks and Kim was running around with angel wings and Chris was in a Crown!

I also had one of the best cakes I have ever tasted which I later found out was from Target! HOW GREAT IS THAT! I wish my Target had cakes because I would be over there right now buying myself one!

Congratulations you two on a beautiful wedding and it was a pleasure being there with you during it! I look forward to building a fantastic album and photographing you more in the future!

Matt and Lisa: Maryland Wedding Photography

I met Lisa through the CRTC events that I photograph and we got along right away! Lisa is also the woman who informed me about Shoe Dazzle and beware ladies...if you have a shoe addiction you should steer clear of this website! She and Matt are a totally adorable couple and I only wish I had gotten to spend time with them! They only needed me for a really short time, but we got all the photos we wanted! We had to deal with the rain as well at their, but we still managed to get out there and take some beautiful photos! My lenses were fogging up so we got this fun haze on some of the images, but it really couldn't be helped with the silly humidity! Matt is a big car buff and we didn't have the chance to get them with his baby (aka the car) because it was raining, but maybe we can get back together and do some more photos in the future! I am totally car clueless, but I would love to learn! It was such a joy to be there for the time I was and I wish you all the best of luck starting a family right away! Hope your honeymoon was fabulous and I look forward to getting you the rest of your images!

Blake and Jessica: Maryland Historic Londontown Wedding

Blake and Jessica were the lucky winners of five inches of rain on their wedding day! We had no idea that it would rain on our parade that much, but it was still a gorgeous wedding. There was literally a river (of love) going through the wedding tent and an indoor waterfall bar at the event. Jessica was a totally awesome bride for taking the day as it went and she looked fabulous doing it! The outfits for the brides maids were awesome. I have considered buying one myself and that is HUGE. I still have to ask Jessica where they were from! I think it was Davids Bridal. I see so many dresses and this is honestly one I think you COULD wear again. The flowers were by Flower Follies and I think they did a PHENOMENAL job! The wedding planners from Party Girls did a great job rolling with the rain punches and made the day run smoothly.

The ceremony was so beautiful because they really incorporated Cailin their daughter into it. I started tearing when they said vows to her about being good parents and by giving her a ring as well. It was such a touching moment and I know she will remember it forever. Cailin was adorable as she spent the majority of the day flirting with the ring bearer...who I am guessing might have been 4 or 5... Totally cute!

Thanks to my AWESOME massage therapist Corrine from Even Keel for referring me to her brother Blake! I love it when I get a referral through someone I know!

Blake and Jessica: Maryland Historic Londontown Wedding

We were all disappointed that the weather didn't cooperate on the day of the wedding and Blake and Jessica wanted to get out there the week after and take some more photos!! Jessica's Flowers were still alive enough for us to have them along, she got her hair and makeup redone and we got to take the photos we both wanted! I didn't think I had much time to re photograph them that day because of a meeting, but I got totally carried away and we ended up shooting for over an hour! It just goes to show what a fantastic couple and great light can do to me! I lose track of everything! Thanks to Jessica's dad for taking care of the little ones while we ran around taking photos! SO much fun guys and I am really happy to have done it for you!